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Yesterday was the one year anniversary of my father’s passing.  Tomorrow I go in to sign the deed transfer with the attorney (my mother also passed recently and left me her mobile home) Following that I enter a lease with the mobile home park.

Events and major appointments make me a bit manic, as in, I can’t sleep and lose my appetite.  It is hard to focus and get things done, but I am doing it. I have a really bad headache tonight, but a year of stress will be ended at the end of the day tomorrow.  I have made it to the light at the end of the tunnel. I am just a slightly smaller version of myself, then when I started walking towards here.

I look a little, in my opinion, 20 years older and dried up.  You’ll have that. I am hoping to get well and strong from the fresh air, exercise and a simple diet (I know, sounds like Heidi, but trust me, I am more of a Pippi Longstocking).

Everyone has worried about me.  I am a deep griever. Tomorrow will finally free me to  focus on healing.  I am grateful and on board.

I am thinking at this point that rather than using either of the small bedrooms as a studio space that I will incorporate it into the main living area. I will gravitate there anyway, so why fight it? It would save me from dragging all the supplies and set-ups around.

The rooms are too small for being able to step back from your work. I would be constantly dragging wet canvases into the living room. The kitchen is separated by a bar from the living room. There is a vent fan above the stove and running water and coffee and the computer and well, all the comforts of home.


And my coolest brainstorm thus far is to use the magnetic chalk board how to for making an erasable 4’x 8′ sketch board to attach to the wall I can use magnetic clips for photos or smaller sketches and make notes right on it and work out palettes with chalk.  Paper is always something I hate to squander, so that would be really cool. At Dick Blicks a newsprint pad 24X36 50 sheets is currently $11.75 The panel runs $12.97… seems  It would stop me from making notes on the wall! I really use to do that and write on my clothes…my hand or a paper plate.

I have never really had a great memory, always been the absent mind professor type, instead of a Ginger or Mary Ann.  Well… actually I am more of a Gilligan.



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