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I’m Molting…


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I “molt’ every Fall. I struggle with depression from Oct 1st to my birthday December 9th, where I become full of creative ideas and highly productive artistically, till gardening and yard work pull me outside.

Almost 20 years ago, I stumbled over a realization that whatever I was doing at the time I started cycling in October, became that season’s obsession. If I was reading or cleaning or watching TV that would be what I was on all winter. I found that I could also feel the cycle coming on, well enough to prepare and set up to be working on something productive, creative, positive.

Like many people, I can not afford to spend a lot on my projects, although their value to me is immeasurable. A good project can really keep me from sinking too deep into depression or becoming unable to function. So some years, might be one big project that can be tackled in steps and work for the whole season or several small unrelated projects. And it is important that the projects be real world and in the room with me. I need the benefit of movement and physical exertion and to live outside my head.


Lowes my pick for my cabinets

Lowes my pick for my cabinets

So, I was absolutely thrilled when I found these this 2 part remodel of a kitchen for under $600. I have failed at painting kitchen cabinets miserable in my 20’s, but the ideas in these videos are well illustrated and easy to understand.  The first video shows you how to paint the cabinets, make repairs to them. You will learn how to resurface your counter for the look and durability of a composite stone counter top.  I actually love composition stone, and it can be tinted any color that you like! Me? I am totally digging white for everything with it’s power to reflect natural light and to make a small area appear larger.

A triple bonus is in part 2, how to convert old blinds into Roman blinds. All the blinds in my new home are old and would welcome a face lift.   I also was very impressed with the ratcheting C clamp! And the confirmation that you can have materials cut to the size you need for the job, is the best news and a big plus for those that feel as iffy as I do about the circular saw!

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