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A Good Week of Brainstorming

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4574102I have been on adding storage for a few posts now. First I found two videos on building a man pantry and exterior shelves in an existing pantry door.  Then I,  found some ready made alternatives at Lowes on line.

The same man pantry design, but with a complaint of instability. It has  no  drawer slide to connect it to the wall. And a negative review of wheels breaking the pressed wood bottom. Price $119.95

So, I now know, how to build what I want and understand the parts to it and assembly. I also see the costs, which seem one that will never fall apart verses, one, so conveniently available… that could fall apart during assembly and initial loading, according to one customer’s experience.

Premade now days is still just a box full of precut pieces for me to assemble. It removes the guy to cut it all for me, out of the process.

For my needs I would have to get some solid wood to reinforce the bottom and the two drawer slides to attach to the wall. And who knows what the wheels are made out of, or how big. So I might end up adding steel wheels. Sigh!

And then it hit me…the man pantry is basically a book case with drawer slides, a handle and wheels added!  And I  immediately went, “Mission Mart!”  Why not repurpose a bookcase or hutch top? Why just think about that small space between refrigerator and wall?

503600824589621_04678947If it was mobile and not attached to the wall to slide out,  I could hang the oil painting, I was working on the back and wheel it away, too.  And, Guess what?  I just happen to already own almost an identical book case to the one on the left. And I was planning on getting rid of it! Mine actually has a lot more shelves as I use two of them and when one met it’s demise, I added extra shelves from it to the one I kept. So I have already assembled what I need once, why not use it?

So that makes for a pretty good week of brainstorming for me. I also found away to add digital images to my oil paintings. In the video they are using a product called modge podge to seal it.  I think I could wait and work the transfer with oils and then seal it with the sealant I would use to seal the oils.


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