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It Pays to Keep Looking

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Yesterday I post two videos of buildable added kitchen storage; one, of shelves built into an existing door, (which I still love) and one to build what I have learned is called a ‘man pantry’. It is slide out storage that works great on the wall side of a refrigerator. And the issue was on the build your own is I would need a guy to help me cut the pieces. Especially to cut out the center of the wood that is cut to the size of the existing door, as so many doors now days are hollow core and you need a solid core to handle the weight.

So I made another run at to see if I could find those solutions up for purchase… I did. Both at Lowes.

I am moving without a car with winter approaching.  The move is going to be enough to ask my guys for help with and this is an outside project (saw dust)and it is cold. I would have to save these till next summer and my need is now. If I don’t want to be walking to the store in the snow. I need to stock up.

I love this rack and even if I do decide to later date to do the pantry door shelving that is on the outside of the door, there will be no loss. I can put it somewhere else and it makes no changes in the existing door. I can put it on a wall or a door or both or inside any closet. It may be a great solution for art supplies too. And it is only $39.99.

4574102As for the man pantry, I did read a negative review, that the pressed wood on the bottom broke where the wheels attach. That could be, with that heads up, reinforced with a solid wood, before you put the wheels on. It would make it sit like an inch taller but that is not a problem. It also does not have the drawer slider that you attach to the wall on one side that the build your own video shows.  I could that add myself, if I conclude it was awkward or not stable enough.  Lowes has 2 pack draw slide that 22″ for $21.97. That would work well with the man pantry’s 23.5″.  The man pantry cost at Lowe’s is $119.95. No man required.  The man pantry also might be good art supplies in the small studio room, later date when I not in a rush of winter’s approach.


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