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Beginning to Wonder

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Michael Labowicz – Keanu Star

I am beginning to wonder if the movie the Matrix, (yes, with Keanu Reeves) was much deeper than I thought. After years of social networking I feel the internet is all about publicly living a better life as a better person and an activist, of sorts, while my vertebras fuse from hunkering over a lap top posting: liking, following, commenting, playing games while ad after ad assails my brain.

I am directly wired and addicted to constant mental over stimulation. The results are not that I think more, but less. Social networking is activist, or rebel or mommy or grieving lonely person or political person…in a can.  We don’t have to think, we will know our meme when we see it.

We are fed daily more of what we already believe about ourselves and others, rather it is true or not, or harmful to our selves or others to believe that way. It is all pro and anti without middle ground or need for conversation. Social networking has become the vehicle to passing social propaganda. We either buy into it and repost or we become desensitized to seeing it.

So, when I think about making a new life, I wonder… can I have a better life? Can I be a better person? Or is that just part of the illusion?


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