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Slow Transitions

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Daily life is still pounding me. Transition is slow going, you will have that when other people are a factor.  I am looking into ways to add additional storage into my mobile home.  I have been studying all the tiny houses for ideas and watched a slew of lady organizer’s videos. I need more room for surfaces to work at. I have to admit I have learned a lot.

It is hard with a disorganized mind to have an organized space. It is even harder for me to live and create in disorder and chaos. I hate a pile of things in a hallway, that stay right there because no space was created to put them away. I think that must be key to hoarders. On the TV show Hoarders you always see piles of shopping bags with stuff still in the wrapper. They have no place prepared to go with it. To me, creating a place for everything is grueling and a definite must do first.

The biggie for me is all the mediums, sealants and solvents of my new oils. I need ventilation. I need surfaces protected from spills and damage. I need an area that is not taken down daily to multi-task. Oils take time to dry and I am not using an accelerators to speed up that process.  I also need computer space and drawing space in a main area away from wet oils and spills.

And most of all I need a chance to get saner.


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