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Hungry to Paint

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It is driving me nuts that I don’t have my tower computer. It is out for repairs. It holds all my art programs and all the digital art I have made in since 08. I am now using a new lap top, that has nothing. So today I have defiled it with two new works in progress.

Besides desperate acts by a woman hungry to paint, you are looking at works created combining Kindle HD apps: Kalidoscope Drawing Pad, Sketch Guru -Handy Sketch Pad and Sketchbook Pro.

I am on this concept of making art the way I see things in my mind as 3 dimensional. It is an aspect of my dyslexia… that I rather enjoy. That walking around in what I imagine as form. They are not self portraits, but portraits of self.

The photos are pictures taken on my Kindle as a record of my mood swings.

When I get my tower up and going again, then the fun will begin. These will be completely reworked and if something good enough comes out I  may use them as a sketch for traditional oil paintings or attempt a transfer to canvas and go from there.

I just know I want to include the qualities of digital art into a traditional oil painting.  I chose oils for their translucency and radiance in layering.



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