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New Beginnings

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It has been a very quiet day. I am enjoying my return to social net working. I am realizing that as an artist, perhaps just as a woman or maybe just a person, that I have made the becoming, much harder than it had to be, in feeling I had to do it all and alone. I did not integrate all of my life into my life as an artist and I have isolated myself in a creative vacuum, now all I can say is the world is much better when you actually try to stay in it. Family and long known friends have been wonderful and so supportive and seem not at all surprised that this is actually what I do. And I am meeting new people. It has created this lovely feeling of wholeness, giving my life this sense of continuation and ongoing. It feels good to realize all these compartments I divided myself and life into are not necessary. It feels very freeing to cross that threshold, less about integrating all the people and relationships and more about integrating one’s whole self together.



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