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Grandma's Webcam

I have to say I am overwhelmed, but having epiphanies, left and right, as the dots begin to connect…on all the various sites, it is like turning on all the lights and opportunities at once.  Today my grandson, Cameron posted his art to my Facebook and I in turn posted it on the Brightfire Woman pages. It was made on an app called Kaleidoscope and created using Kindle HD. It really made me proud for one and honored and inspired by how pretty it was. I am blessed in that bond we share. This is a webcam of him and I done when he was much younger that I took of us using a webcam set for distortion. I then used Photoshop Elements for the color effects. This is one I would like to try my hand at painting. What do you think? Is that a bond or what? You can see his art featured on my Brightfire Woman face book page.



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