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Gardeners and Gallery Owners

Friends and I have been having a discussion on Facebook about what constitutes fine art verses illustration. An artist was told by a gallery owner that some of her work was not Fine Art but Illustration and accepted what he felt was fine art and sent her out the door with her hand painted ink and water color originals. She was hurt and confused as to how that could be true of her original works of art, long story short it was, of course, not true.

 “Illustration is a unique art form that is defined not by its medium, but by its context. Illustration finds its home in the public sphere of popular media. With a rich history and a modern, contemporary outlook, illustration brings life to concepts and stories through image-making. Whether created digitally or by hand, an illustration can be both a masterful work of art and a practical business application.”…/camd-cross-college…/illustration for a definition of Fine Art  In a nutshell from the dictionary “fine art noun
: a type of art (such as painting, sculpture, or music) that is done to create beautiful things
: an activity that requires skill and care”

Only the artist can decide such things. It is fine art if created for the purpose of beauty and expression and that fine art, if the artist so choses to lend the work to illustration, then it becomes a fine art illustration.

A gallery owner should be more like a gardener. A gardener does not worry about their mature plants, they focus on the young tender plants to see they take root and make it to maturity for all to enjoy. As an artist keep in mind it is the fruits of your labor that puts food on their table.


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Grandma's Webcam

I have to say I am overwhelmed, but having epiphanies, left and right, as the dots begin to connect…on all the various sites, it is like turning on all the lights and opportunities at once.  Today my grandson, Cameron posted his art to my Facebook and I in turn posted it on the Brightfire Woman pages. It was made on an app called Kaleidoscope and created using Kindle HD. It really made me proud for one and honored and inspired by how pretty it was. I am blessed in that bond we share. This is a webcam of him and I done when he was much younger that I took of us using a webcam set for distortion. I then used Photoshop Elements for the color effects. This is one I would like to try my hand at painting. What do you think? Is that a bond or what? You can see his art featured on my Brightfire Woman face book page.


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New Beginnings


It has been a very quiet day. I am enjoying my return to social net working. I am realizing that as an artist, perhaps just as a woman or maybe just a person, that I have made the becoming, much harder than it had to be, in feeling I had to do it all and alone. I did not integrate all of my life into my life as an artist and I have isolated myself in a creative vacuum, now all I can say is the world is much better when you actually try to stay in it. Family and long known friends have been wonderful and so supportive and seem not at all surprised that this is actually what I do. And I am meeting new people. It has created this lovely feeling of wholeness, giving my life this sense of continuation and ongoing. It feels good to realize all these compartments I divided myself and life into are not necessary. It feels very freeing to cross that threshold, less about integrating all the people and relationships and more about integrating one’s whole self together.


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Leaving my Cacoon

It has been awhile since I shared where I am at :-)I am in metamorphism and one that has been a very long time in the making. I think it is very hard work to be an artist these days because technology moves so quickly and you really have to learn so much more to remain self sufficient. All social networks are set up now to push your work to the public. Add to that there are now many companies trying to cash in on artist’s work by doing it all for you as 1 in a million on their marketplace. I have spent from 2006 till now in water wings learning websites and digital programs on desktop and Kindle. I enjoy digital art very much but as of late I have yearned to paint, so that is the new heading, although even those materials have changed oils that don’t use solvents and come in stick form and wood canvases…so much to explore.

I want the intimacy of working back, most times people don’t know what I am doing sitting at the computer day after day, yet if I was sitting before a canvas doing the same thing I would be surrounded and sometimes that is really nice. When I finish a digital work and log off my computer, I still don’t have anything that can be held in my hand or put on the wall to live with for a few days in contemplation of what works and doesn’t. So long story short I will be posting paintings here in their progress. This is a journey I have decide is worth making and sharing the ride of. And I am returning to my local art community for inspiration and camaraderie. It is not easy; the recluse is much easier for me to be, but Peoria, Il is rich with the arts and very talented artists, traditional and digital.

This is your view of an artist in their studio, enjoy, make yourself at home and come back often. Leave a comment, ask a question both contribute to my growth and will get a whole hearted response! 🙂

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