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I don’t care what the stars say

this is the age of women

women rising up and laying claim

in their God given gifted intelligence

And uttering new truths

against hypocrisies

How many of us can you beat down?

we will come at you

with that and a 1000 more

We are sick and weary

of your excesses

your abuses

your territorial

drawing of lines

in the sand not to be crossed

while bullets and bombs

rain down crushing

our sons and daughters


we are sickened by your greed

wars and unconscionable excesses

You have corrupted our children

with your hatreds and cruel expectations

we are not put upon this earth

to be in servitude to you

we who birth both sons and daughters

grow within us the very secret of all healing

we who are the foundation of the home

we are not chattel

you run around in a bag with a view all day

we are tired of you twisting religion to justify

your barbaric cruelty on our tender flesh

you deny us an education

so deeply you fear an educated woman

you make up laws that insure

we will be abused, starved, raped,

kidnapped and sold

stop imprisoning us for things you know

we work too hard to have time to do

We are not inferior

stop suffocating us with wet towels for lacking

a small piece of meat between our legs

stop throwing acid on our beauty

simply because 20 cents is a cheap revenge

and you can

Stop filling our bodies with bullets for standing up

speaking our truths and standing in our light

Stop reflecting your corruption

upon the mirror that is our hearts

when you know

we have done nothing wrong

but piss you off



Brightfire Woman © 2009 All rights reserved


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  1. Thanks a lot for sharing (o>▽<)—


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